Monday, November 24, 2008

All I Want To Do Is "Three Gunshots" To The Head

I'm sure many music listeners out there are familiar with some of the "musicians" in the pictures to the left. I just want to ask why American culture has continued to promote these names after years of aweful music. There is not an ounce of musical talent in any of these artists. Most of them do not write their own music and none of them could tell you what key the music was in. I do not understand why there are so many radiostations and television channels devoted to this crap. There are so many musical bands with talented musicians that had to work to get where they are and produce consistantly good music. We, as a culture, have become so blinded by good looks that it is affecting every aspect of art we produce. All I am saying is that there are better musicians out there that have not been recognized. My last example involves MTV ("music" television"). MTV is so out of touch with music they headlined Metallica and Kanye West at a Bonnaroo, a jam festival. The latter of which was booed off the stage. Please, Please, if you have any reason to think that I am wrong in what I am saying let me know, i welcome your opinions and beliefs.

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